Bubble Chemistry Incursion (Foundation – 2)

Theme: Science – Chemical Sciences
Level: Foundation – 2

Students will investigate different ways to make bubbles and observe their special properties. They will study how bubbles interact with light and work out how to predict the exact moment they will pop.


  • Investigate different ways to make bubbles: blowing, waving, shaking, squeezing.
  • Discuss demonstrations of bubble creation using a variety of chemical reactions.
  • Observe bubbles’ special properties: grow and shrink, float, shape, stretch, particular colour, and thinness.
  • Observe differences between bubbles and suds.
  • Investigate and test which objects are best for bubble making.
  • Explore methods to help an object work as a bubble maker.
  • Predict when a bubble will pop after careful observation.
  • Explore ways to create larger bubbles.
  • Be part of a drama to sense what it would feel like to be a bubble.


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