Building & Construction Incursion (Foundation – 4)

Theme: Design & Technology – Materials
Level: Foundation – 4

Students will explore the properties of materials, looking at shapes and their different strengths for building. This topic is great preparation for student design and make projects, such as playgrounds and bridges.


  • Examine our model to identify how forces and materials are used in the design of a playground.
  • Make different shapes with various materials.
  • Test the effect of tension, compression and torsion forces on the different shapes.
  • Compare how much friction particular materials have and discuss areas of high/low friction on a playground.
  • Test different shaped “logs” for cabin construction.
  • Predict and observe a demonstration of the amount of weight different shaped columns can hold.
  • Test the strength of egg shells and discuss their shape.
  • Explore different bridge shapes while designing and testing bridges to hold toy cars.


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