Being a Forensic Scientist Incursion (Levels 5 & 6)

Theme: Science as a Human Endeavour
Levels: 5 & 6

Students will work through a variety of procedures similar to a forensic scientist. They will interpret their recorded data and develop an understanding of how evidence is used to solve a crime.


  • Discuss the many roles scientists and technology play in crime investigation.
  • Examine the crime scene set up in your classroom.
  • Identify key clues.
  • Discuss physical characteristics of 4 suspects in relation to profiling.
  • Perform chemical tests to identify a variety of powders.
  • Use chromatography to test inks from writing samples and pens found on suspects.
  • Match actual footprints found at the crime scene to soles of shoes.
  • Observe and match DNA samples.
  • Create a set of individual fingerprints and examine patterns.
  • Debate the validity of the evidence against the 4 suspects present.


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