Heat & Energy Incursion (Levels 3 & 4)

Theme: Science – Physical Sciences
Level: 3 & 4

Students will explore different ways to produce heat and investigate how heat can move from one object to another. They will predict and measure the effects of heat.


  • Discuss sources of heat.
  • Use thermometers to measure the insulating ability of different materials.
  • Discuss how heat affects living things.
  • Investigate the temperature requirements of yeast.
  • Observe the nature of heat as moving energy using food colour in water and balloons.
  • Investigate how heat can move from one object to another by conduction.
  • Observe heat movement (convection currents) in water and air.
  • Measure the effect of the sun’s radiant heat on different materials.
  • Observe a demonstration of chemicals increasing heat and conduct experiments where chemicals decrease heat.


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