Light & Sound Incursion (Levels 1 & 2)

Theme: Science – Physical Sciences
Level: 1 & 2

Using a sensory approach, students will investigate the characteristics of light and sound. They will explore how light and sound are produced, transmitted and sensed, and will come to understand the roles sound and light play in our lives and society.


  • Discuss similarities and differences between light and sound.
  • Examine different materials, classify them as transparent, translucent or opaque, then test with a torch.
  • Model the movement of sound with a slinky and coins.
  • Investigate the sound produced when different materials are struck with a stick; water, air and solids of different thickness.
  • Discuss demonstrations of materials that reflect and absorb sound.
  • Use diffraction grating to see rainbows created by different light sources.
  • Explore colour using wax blocks and CDs.
  • Project an image onto a card using a magnifying glass.
  • Use tuning forks to investigate sound vibration.
  • Observe demonstration of a thaumatrope (equipment and instructions to make these later will be provided to teacher).


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