Minibeasts Incursion (Foundation – 2)

Theme: Science – Biological Sciences
Level: Foundation – 2

Through simple experiments, students will learn about the role and behaviour of animals in our environment. They will study and classify our specimens, and make a mini worm farm.


  • Discuss classification of living things.
  • Sort animal models into various groups.
  • Examine and sort preserved specimens based on different characteristics.
  • Understand why some of our specimens need to be dead for classroom use (e.g. safety and practicality).
  • Be part of a drama, using our senses to feel what it is like to have too many feet or just one foot.
  • Classify preserved specimens based on scientific categories.
  • Use proper handling techniques to remove worms from the soil.
  • Compare different types of worms.
  • Test worms’ behaviour towards light.
  • Make a mini worm farm for future life cycle study.


Surcharge of $40 per day applies to all Biological Science topics.

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