Natural & Processed Materials Incursion (Levels 3 & 4)

Theme: Science – Chemical Sciences
Level: 3 & 4

Students will observe, classify and test the physical properties and uses of materials. They will participate in processing some simple materials into a new product, and develop an understanding of material waste and pollution.


  • Discuss prior knowledge of materials and where they come from(e.g. animal, plant or rocks and minerals).
  • Identify raw and processed materials.
  • Consider how the properties of materials affect management of waste or can lead to pollution.
  • Make and test a material that appears and acts like glass and plastic and is left for children to do further tests.
  • Investigate different materials for properties of insulating ability, water absorption and strength.
  • Measure and record results from various tests.
  • Observe a demonstration of the property of fire resistance in different fabrics.


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