Transport Incursion (Foundation – 2)

Theme: Design & Technology – Engineering
Level: Foundation – 2

Students will investigate the way objects move on land, through water and in the air. They will explore design technologies used in different modes of transport including size, shape, push and pull forces, and movement.


  • Discuss prior knowledge of transport and classify based on land, water and air transport.
  • Explore the history of water travel.
  • Investigate how changing the shape of a material affects its ability to float.
  • Observe and discuss a model that moves up and down in a column of water.
  • Explore methods used by ancient people to move heavy loads over land.
  • Investigate different wheel and axle configurations using model cars.
  • Observe and discuss the ways our recycled car can move. Investigate the pushing forces that project a model rocket through the air (take home model).
  • Explore the pushing and pulling winds created by electric motors and propellers.
  • Observe and discuss a demonstration of a chemical powered rocket.


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