Water as a Resource Incursion (Level 2)

Theme: Science – Earth and Space Sciences
Level: 2

Students will learn how water is used and moved by people and nature. They will study the unique properties of water and understand its importance to life on Earth.


  • Discuss prior knowledge of water and its uses.
  • Explore the observable properties of clear liquids using senses of sight, hearing and smell.
  • Investigate the water cycle by making a model to collect fresh water from salt water.
  • Observe capillary action in paper and relate to movement of water in plants.
  • Discuss a transpiration demonstration.
  • Investigate the movement of water against gravity using a siphon.
  • Explore surface tension holding water molecules together.
  • Conduct chemical tests to identify pollution in different water samples.
  • Observe a natural water filter cleaning muddy water and think about designing their own filter.
  • Set up an ongoing experiment to investigate the growth of plants with different types of contaminated water.


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