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Exploring My Shadow Activity

When light hits an object it may: go straight through – the object is TRANSPARENT eg. glass window go partly through and scatter – the object is TRANSLUCENT eg. frosted glass be blocked – the object is OPAQUE eg a book Light travels in a straight line so opaque objects will create shadows. Playing with […]

Parachutes Experiment

When air rubs against an object it creates friction called ‘air resistance’. The size and shape of an object affects how easily it moves through the air. This can be demonstrated in the classroom with some easy-to-make parachutes. Equipment: Paper plate String Bead Hole-punch. Method: Punch four holes, evenly spaced, around the edge of a […]

Recycled Newspaper Pots Activity

Use old newspaper to create pots for seeds or seedlings, which can then be transferred into your class’ garden or students’ gardens at home. Equipment: Newspaper Old blender Water Small containers (yogurt pots are a good size) Large tubs to work over. Optional: Soil Seeds/seedlings Method: Soak strips of newspaper in water overnight Blend cupfuls […]

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