STEM/Science Nights for families

Hands On Science can organise fun, scientific and educational family STEM/science nights at your school. These nights give parents and other members of your school community an insight into primary school science, and allow teachers to observe a number of experiments that can be used in their classrooms.

Hands On multiple room experience

A variety of activities are planned for each room. On the night, Hands On Science will provide two staff to set up equipment for all rooms, brief teachers, oversee activities whilst sessions are in progress and pack up.


The following topics can be covered during a family science/STEM night.

  • Chemical Sciences: Bubble Chemistry; Reactive Chemistry; Solid, Liquid and Gas; Materials; Forensic Science.
  • Physical Sciences: Force and Movement; Light; Sound; Electricity; Magnetism; How Objects Move; Rockets & Pistons.
  • Earth and Space: Weather; Water; Our Changing Earth; Earth & Space; Natural Disasters; Environmental.
  • Engineering: Energy; Pivots & Levers; Simple Machines; Flight; Rubber Power; Engineering & Design; Transport.

See our incursions section for more information about the aims and activities included in each topic.


Minimum cost: $1352.00 per night (plus GST) Additional rooms $270.40 each.

This includes:

  • 1 hour of activities
  • 5 rooms/topics
  • Up to 125 people.

Please call us or fill in our online contact form to discuss how many rooms your school will need.

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