Recycled Newspaper Pots Activity

Use old newspaper to create pots for seeds or seedlings, which can then be transferred into your class’ garden or students’ gardens at home.


  • Newspaper
  • Old blender
  • Water
  • Small containers (yogurt pots are a good size)
  • Large tubs to work over.


  • Soil
  • Seeds/seedlings


  1. Soak strips of newspaper in water overnight
  2. Blend cupfuls of wet paper with water in a blender to make a mulch
  3. Press mulch onto the inside walls of a small container
  4. Tip upside down and squeeze as much water out of the mulch as possible
  5. Leave in a warm place for a few days to dry
  6. Gently pull paper cup out of container
  7. Plants can be planted in the pots and then placed straight into the ground. The pot will break down and disappear as the plant grows.

This activity comes from the Hands On Chemical Sciences booklet, which is available to order now.

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