Frequently Asked Questions

Session duration

Q. How long is each session?
A. All Primary School sessions are 1.5 hours in duration. Preschool sessions are 1hr. Special school timing by negotiation.

Q. How do we fit 3 sessions in one day?
A. Sessions can be split around a break to allow three sessions in one day.
For example, Session ONE 9:30-11:00, Session TWO 11:30-1:00 Session THREE 1:00-1:30 lunch break 2:30-3:30.

Q. Do you think 1.5 hours is too long for preps?
A. Our sessions are very engaging with a number of different activities which preps thoroughly enjoy.

Class size

Q. How many students attend a session?
A. Sessions are designed for individual class groups: max. 30 children per session.

Q. We have small classes can we combine them?
A. Small classes can be combined, up to 30 students. Keeping in mind that fewer numbers allow more “hands-on” experience for each student.


Q. Where can the incursion take place?
A. The incursion can take place in a classroom, art room, hall, or other space that is not a thoroughfare during sessions.

Q. Will an open learning space work?
A. Students need to be able to hear and follow instructions without outside noise and distractions from other classes or through traffic.

Q. Does the room need to be secure during break times?
A. Yes. Our presenter needs to be confident that during breaks between sessions, equipment and materials will not be tampered with.

Q. Can we use the OSHC room?
A. OSHC often have perfect spaces but please be aware of timing. We need access to the space for half hour to set up before the first session and half hour to clean up after the final session.

Q. Would our language room, which is smaller than a normal classroom, be okay?
A. No. The space required needs to be at least the size of a normal classroom.

Q. Will the presenter come to each of our classrooms?
A. No. The Presenter will set up the equipment in one room and remain there for all sessions. If your classroom has been allocated as the incursion room, you will need to take your students and their things to another place.

Set up

Q. How should I set up the room?
A. Tables for student groups (4-6 students) arranged with an area for students to sit together facing the presenter, presenter’s table (P) and a write on whiteboard (WB).

Classroom set-up

Q. Should I wait for the presenter to tell me how to set up the room?
A. No. It would be very helpful if tables are cleared and arranged (see above) before the presenter arrives.

Teacher involvement

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for a Hands On Science Incursion?
A. All the steps are clearly shown in our incursion checklist.

Q. Do you need me during the incursion?
A. Yes. We recommend classroom teachers take this opportunity to observe the students in a different situation and gain some personal professional development.

Q. Can I leave the students in the care of the presenter?
A. No. We are all VIT certified teachers but we do not know the health and safety requirements of your students.

Q. Can I take photos or videos?
A. Yes, photos are a great reminder of the learning that occurred and a helpful springboard for reflective writing or further inquiry. Please ask the presenter’s permission before including them in photos or videos.We ask that teachers be mindful of not interrupting the lesson flow.

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