Chemical Change Incursion (Foundation – 2)

Theme: Science – Chemical Sciences
Level: Foundation – 2

Students will develop an awareness of chemicals in our world. They will predict, observe and record different ways in which chemicals change.


  • Observe a variety of mystery chemicals using the senses of sight, hearing, and smell.
  • Mix three chemicals with water and observe different behaviours.
  • Explore different speed of reactions using three household chemicals.
  • Observe a demonstration of an explosive reaction.
  • Observe and record results of colour change experiments.


Victorian Curriculum: Content Descriptions


  • People use science in their daily lives. (VCSSU041)
  • Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events. (VCSIS050)
  • Participate in guided investigations, including making observations using the senses, to explore and answer questions. (VCSIS051)
  • Use informal measurements in the collection and recording of observations. (VCSIS053)
  • Compare observations and predictions with those of others.(VCSIS054)
  • Represent and communicate observations and ideas about changes in objects and events in a variety of ways. (VCSIS055)


“The presentation was a fantastic learning experience for our young students.” St Joseph’s

“The incursion was very successful and the children all understood the content. Charlie engaged them and motivated them in every way. He was very informative and expressed himself very well to children and handled all children respectfully and appropriately.” East Preston Islamic College 2019


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