Christmas SciTech Incursion (All levels)

Theme: Design & Technology – Engineering
Level: All

A creative and entertaining way to end the year. Experiments incorporate technology and physical sciences.


  • Team challenge – build a Christmas tree with plastic cups.
  • Observe a number of Christmas toys, gimmicks and decorations and discuss the materials used to make them and senses used to enjoy them.
  • Make a number of “take home” items (time/level dependent).
  • Paper pivot puppet – explore various ways to move the legs use human energy, gravity and magnetism. (F-2)
  • Christmas Tree thaumatrope – trick your eyes. (F-2)
  • Paper climbing puppet – explore movement in relation to friction, tension, gravity, and technique. (3-6)
  • Christmas tree and star – explore static electricity. (3-6)
  • Rubber band motor – complete a design challenge to make a moving Christmas gimmick. (3-6)
  • Rubber powered jumping frog – investigate different ways to make it jump. (F-6)
  • Biodegradable Christmas decorations – explore different ways to mix gelatine to make “plastic”. (F-6)
  • Observe balancing Christmas gimmicks and practice balancing a variety of simple items.
  • Be inspired to make Christmas toys and gimmicks.


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