Renewable Energy Incursion (Levels 5 & 6)

Theme: Design & Technology – Engineering
Level: 5 & 6

Students will investigate energy from a variety of sources. They will gain an understanding of energy transformation and transference.


  • Discuss prior knowledge of types and sources of energy.
  • Design and test ways to demonstrate a change from potential to kinetic energy.
  • Use circuits to investigate the transformation of electrical energy to light, heat, and movement.
  • Follow the design process and discuss success criteria.
  • Explore materials used to make a waterwheel.
  • Investigate the transformation of chemical potential energy to kinetic energy.

Take home

Follow the design process to make a paper windmill


Victorian Curriculum: Content Descriptions


Design & Technology

  • Investigate how forces or electrical energy can control movement, sound or light in a designed product or system (VCDSTC034)
  • Investigate characteristics and properties of a range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment and evaluate the impact of their use (VCDSTC037)
  • Critique needs or opportunities for designing, and investigate materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to achieve intended designed solutions (VCDSCD038)
  • Generate, develop, communicate and document design ideas and processes for audiences using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques (VCDSCD039)
  • Apply safe procedures when using a variety of materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to produce designed solutions (VCDSCD040)


“Angela was very organised, the session flowed really well, she was engaging and interacted really well with the students. Great discussion about scientific concepts and understandings.” Whittlesea Primary School


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