Using Our Senses Incursion (Foundation)

Theme: Science as a Human Endeavour
Level: Foundation

Students will be engaged in a variety of experiments to understand the purpose of their senses and how they work.


  • Identity the 5 senses and demonstrate connections to the brain and how damage affects senses.
  • Use a magnifying glass to see how the eye works.
  • Use a variety of glasses to experience eye problems.
  • Make a take-home toy to trick your eyes.
  • Use blindfolds to understand the use of different senses when one is missing.
  • Test the sensitivity of feeling and hearing and relate this to keeping safe.
  • Experiment with sound vibrations.
  • Use an electronic device to change the sound of your voice.
  • Identify a variety of smells and discuss differences.


Victorian Curriculum: Content Descriptions


  • People use science in their daily lives. (VCSSU041)
  • Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events. (VCSIS050)
  • Participate in guided investigations, including making observations using the senses, to explore and answer questions. (VCSIS051)
  • Use informal measurements in the collection and recording of observations. (VCSIS053)
  • Compare observations and predictions with those of others.(VCSIS054)
  • Represent and communicate observations and ideas about changes in objects and events in a variety of ways. (VCSIS055)


“The students really enjoyed the session. I loved the hands on activities and that the kids were not on the floor listening for long periods of time which was great, the activities were really varied and perfect for the age group.” Kingswood Primary School 2019


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