Reactive Chemistry Incursion (Levels 5/6)

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Reactive Chemistry Incursion (Levels 5/6)

Theme: Science – Chemical Sciences
Level: 5/6

In this exciting 90-minute incursion, students use their senses to learn more about chemicals and how they behave when mixed. Students investigate states of matter using super absorbent polymers, and learn about the pH of different chemicals using red cabbage as a pH indicator. This incursion challenges students to think about what is taking place in each chemical reaction, making it perfect for later year levels. Our passionate science educators carefully guide students through each step, prompting students to predict, observe and reflect on each activity.


Learning outcomes

  • Students will investigate the properties and behaviour of chemicals/materials.
  • They will explore reversible and irreversible changes that occur when chemicals are mixed.



  • Observe reversible physical changes by mixing sodium polyacrylate with water, turning it into a solid. Salt turns it back into a liquid.
  • Mix different chemicals in a Ziplock bag to observe the various signs of a chemical reaction.
  • Create two different reactions and compare the temperature between them.
  • Using a rubber stopper with tube to investigate the formation of a gas during a chemical reaction.
  • Using red cabbage extract as a pH indicator to test a variety of chemicals to determine whether they are acid, neutral, base/ alkaline.


Victorian Curriculum: Content Descriptions

  • A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat (VCSSU059);
  • Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties; these properties can influence their use (VCSSU060);
  • Solids, liquids and gases behave in different ways and have observable properties that help to classify them (VCSSU076);
  • Changes to materials can be reversible, including melting, freezing, evaporating, or irreversible, including burning and rusting (VCSSU077);
  • Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations (VCSIS086);

Incursion Pricing



Up to 30 students


90-minute workshops


A minimum booking of 2 x 90-minute workshops is required


Outer regions incur time and travel costs

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“This was an excellent incursion to introduce our Science topic for the term! The activities were engaging and easily replicated for when we delve deeper into the topics at a later date.”

Doncaster Primary School

“Charlie was a very engaging, informative presenter. The students gained a lot of new learning and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the hands on experiments and the discussion with Charlie. Thanks so much.”

St. Fidelis Primary School