“This was a well organised lesson on Weather and it included information such as the water cycle which my class found informative and interesting.”

St. Dominic’s, 2019

“Thank you. The session covered the topic and introduced many experiments for the girls. It was a great springboard for the topic.”

St. Catherine’s School, Toorak

“Well organised and engaging as usual.”

Richmond Primary School

“Very well prepared, highly engaging and really encouraged students to do the thinking for themselves.”

Epping Views Primary School

“Thanks for the wonderful [incursion]. Enjoyed by all and a great way to introduce our inquiry.”

Berwick Primary School

“Fantastic hands-on experiences for the students. They were so excited.”

St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School

“A thoroughly enjoyable workshop which tied in beautifully with our study topic. Thank you!!”

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School

“Extremely well organized and explained. Students absolutely loved it! Instructions were explicit and the overall activity was very engaging and unique. The presenter was very friendly and intelligent.”

Cairnlea Park Primary School

“Students were really engaged and came out with excellent understanding.”

St. Martin of Tours Primary School

“Presentation was an enjoyable and valuable learning session for all students. The presenter was well organized and described activities and tasks with relevant detail.”

Serpell Primary School

“Overall it was great for the students to get a ‘hands on’ approach to science and to understand how science is everywhere and the different types.”

Lockwood Primary School

“Great way to introduce Solids Liquids and Gas. Simple experiments and easy to understand.”

Findon Primary School

“A very enjoyable session. The presenter was very engaging and informative. Students responded in a positive way enjoying and participating eagerly in all the experiments.”

Serpell Primary School

“Very interesting session. Children were engaged and wanting to experiment more.”

Lockwood Primary School

“Excellent! Really enjoyed hearing the children’s thinking. Great explanations!”

Dandenong South Primary School

“The presenter was absolutely fantastic, thoroughly engaging. All students were interested and enjoyed the theory and practical aspects of the session.”

Serpell Primary School

“This session has really inspired me to do more science with my class.”

Lockwood Primary School

“Teachers and kids thought it was great. Lots of learning ‘hands on’ and reflection in the end. They learnt concepts. We will use you again.”

Kensington Primary School

“Thought the sessions were great and it was pitched at a very suitable level. A fantastic job.”

Berwick Primary School

“The workshop game me a better understanding of what needs to be taught. I feel more confident in teaching science.”

St. Fidelis (Professional Development)

“The children loved the hands on element, trying different materials and exploring the electrical circuits.”

Gilson College Mernda

“The presentation was a fantastic learning experience for our young students.”

St. Joseph’s

“Engaging presenter who interacted positively with all students.”

St. Joachim’s

“Very considerate of a few children with challenging behaviours and special needs. They were inclusive educators and it was a wonderful experience for all levels.”

Clayton North PS

“Thank you, Charlie. We all really enjoyed the Incursion. You kept the children engaged throughout the session.”

Carey Baptist Grammar, 2019

“We were the last session for the day and Lynne was still very enthusiastic. The kids were excited and eager to participate. The session was well organised and there was a mix of hands on and demonstration which helped settle the kids. The bubble activities were great and it was so good to see the kids work well together, ask questions and try different solutions to their problems.”

Berwick Lodge Primary School

“Thank you for a wonderful time. The students were extremely engaged and enjoyed the hands on activities. Olivia has a very calm nature which our students responded very well to. All the teachers from our school agree that the incursion was fantastic. Thank you again!”

Woodlands PS

“This was an excellent incursion to introduce our Science topic for the term! The activities were engaging and easily replicated for when we delve deeper into the topics at a later date.”

Doncaster Primary School

“Presenter was very friendly. He quickly worked out the issue we were facing on the day of incursion.”

East Preston Islamic College

“Angela was very organised, the session flowed really well, she was engaging and interacted really well with the students. Great discussion about scientific concepts and understandings.”

Whittlesea Primary School

“Very good. Would have booked it using smaller classes next time so all student could have more time with the instructor.”

Karoo Primary School

“The presenter’s teaching background assisted with the behaviour management of the class.”

Murrumbeena Primary School

“The students really enjoyed the incursion. It was very closely related to what we were learning in class and the students were engaged throughout the session.”

Preston Primary School

“Angela is great, explains things really clearly. Content is relevant too.”

Good Shepherd Lutheran

“Marilyn explained things well and engaged with the students. She showed them some experiments that were exciting and they enjoyed them very much.”

Flinders College

“Charlie’s interactions with the kids were great – he was very respectful of their ideas and responded to them all at the level they are at.”

Moonee Ponds West

“Jenelle was fantastic with the students and kept them engaged with a good mix of information and hands-on activities.”

Laburnum Primary School

“Our presenter was very organised and had all the materials necessary for each activity. She explained the task clearly and the children LOVED the hands on experiences.

Benton Junior College

“The students were engaged and eager to participate in the incursion. It was great that they got something to take away at the end.”

Epping Primary School 2019

“The program had great pace and variety allowing our students to consolidate and extend their learning. There was great discussion. Charlie handled the students comments and questions brilliantly and kept them on task.”

Killara Primary School

“Chontel was very engaging and the hands on activities were perfect for the students. They were talking about it for the rest of the day.”

Wedge Park Primary School 2019

“The students absolutely loved all the activities and were excited to explore light and sound for themselves. Resources supplied were perfect!””

Gilson College, Mernda 2019

“Olivia had a solid science background that provided opportunity for students to ask questions which she had the expertise to answer.”

Springvale Rise Primary School

“It was very informative. The girls enjoyed the ‘hands on’ activities.”

Loreto Mandeville Hall

“Great incursion -it was a fabulous introduction to our unit. The students then really enjoyed observing the hothouses and seed growth which we wrote up as an investigation.”

St. Patrick’s Primary

“The content was relevant for our adaptations Inquiry unit. Thank you for engaging our students in their learning and understanding of this topic.”

Maranatha Christian School

“Jenelle was well organised, confident and knowledgeable.”

Blackburn Primary School

“The language used during the incursion fits well with our unit of inquiry, with the talk about the different properties.”

Benton Junior College

“The incursion was the perfect introduction to our unit on materials and linked with the Australian Curriculum perfectly. The students had a wonderful time and learned so much.”

Hume Anglican Grammar

“This incursion served as a great tune in for my year 1 children about different animals and minibeasts. They were super excited to explore further once the session ended.”

Doncaster Gardens Primary School

“Jenelle was fantastic with the students and kept them engaged with a good mix of information and hands-on activities.”

Laburnum Primary School

“Marilyn was great! She used age appropriate language, encouraged discussion amongst the group, gave clear instructions and was involved with each group during the small activities.”

Carey Baptist Grammar

“Thank you Charlie. We all really enjoyed the Incursion. You kept the children engaged throughout the session.”

Carey Baptist Grammar, 2019

“Jenelle was excellent with the students and had good classroom control. It helped that she had a background in classroom teaching which is excellent for an incursion.”

Methodist Ladies College, 2019

“The students really enjoyed the session. I loved the hands on activities and that the kids were not on the floor listening for long periods of time which was great, the activities were really varied and perfect for the age group.”

Kingswood Primary School 2019

“Thank you for a wonderful day. All the teachers were really impressed and inspired!”

Korowa Anglican Girls

“The children were very engaged and enjoyed consolidating the knowledge they already had as well as adding to it with new insights and practical demonstrations of what they had learned.”

St. Andrews Christian College

“Totally had all children engaged with the program and it was great that the children had plenty of opportunity to work with materials. Loved the information weaved into the introductory session before each activity. The timing of the hands on and talk were very well managed and blended together to make a great program. The interaction between children and presenter during hands on enabled children to hone in on the simple machine components.”

Broadford primary

“It was a great introduction to simple machines which is exactly what we were after, plus it introduced elements of fair testing, which supports what we do in class.”

Viewbank Primary School

“Janelle was amazing. The children are still talking about things she presented. They are making connections with our Inquiry studies and it’s lovely to see how they link it with Janelle’s presentation. Janelle presented a weather incursion last year with us and we would highly recommend her to others.”

St. Luke the Evangelist

“Students were very engaged by the toys they were able to explore and make.”

Ivanhoe East Primary

“Charlie was a very engaging, informative presenter. The students gained a lot of new learning and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the hands on experiments and the discussion with Charlie. Thanks so much.”

St. Fidelis Primary School

“The presenter was absolutely wonderful. All of my students were engaged and have been able to retain a lot of information from the session.”

Valkstone Primary School

“The activities were engaging and interactive. The presenter was able to inform students about natural and processed materials in a fun way.”

St. Leo the Great

“I thought Angela presented the content in an engaging manner. The hands on activities were interesting and the students enjoyed being involved.”

Ivanhoe Girls Grammar

“Charlie was very knowledgeable and was able to answer questions from the students confidently.”

Fintona Girls School

“Presenter was well prepared and organised. Great rapport with students. Thank you Rose.”

Springside P-12

“Alex was excellent, she engaged with the students, facilitated wonderful discussions, and encouraged their love of science.”

Korowa Anglican Girls

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